Quality Rubber Rollers, Inking Rollers & Offset Rollers • Our Assurance

When you purchase a roller from us, you can be assured that you are receiving a roller of the highest quality. We use top grade raw materials and chemicals imported from leading suppliers. Raw materials are compounded in house under close supervision to ensure we attain the consistent quality that our customers have come to expect from us.

Rubber is the key to our rollers. Each printing roller be it Rubber Rollers, Inking Rollers, Offset Rollers, Silcone Rollers, Sponge Rollers, Varnish Rollers, EPDM Rollers or others, is made from an exclusive formula that we have designed to meet our exceptionally high standards. Our quest is to develop rubber and polyurethane compounds which result in even greater performance characteristics. We strive to provide our customers with rollers which can run longer, cooler, with less distortion and greater resistance to heat and harsh solvents.

Through years of industrial experience, we have perfected the mixing, casting, calendaring, vulcanizing, grinding, calibrating, and testing of our roller components. A large amount of the manufacturing process is computer controlled, such as the grinding process. To guarantee that our rollers are perfect cylinders, which is essential in providing consistent printing results, lasers are used to scan the final roller and check its dimensions to ensure that each roller dimension meets the tolerances expected by our customers.

Time and attention to detail is needed to achieve a superior roll. In order to ensure our rolls are of the highest quality, we do not rush any stage during the manufacturing process. Each stage is manned by skilled operators and inspected by experienced quality engineers. The geometry of a roller system is also very important. It can make the difference between good printing results and excellent ones. We are continuously improving our understanding of how factors such as pressure distribution, screw-down forces and torques can affect the rollers in operation.

We conduct testing on the performance of new rollers, focusing on aspects such as tearing and hardness, rebound resilience, measurements of specific weight, swelling and abrasion. We evaluate the results of field tests and simulations we conduct, to gauge the performance of our rollers.

To sum it all up, we do everything possible to ensure our customers are provided with high quality products which we never cease to improve. We give greatest care in the manufacturing of Inking Rollers, Offset Rollers and other Rubber Rollers from beginning to end that eventually outlast our competitors.

We supply Rollers to :

  • Offset printing

  • Packaging industry

  • Steel Industry

  • Paper Mill Industry

  • Can Printing industry

  • Film and Plastic Industry

  • and etc